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stare 18-01-2018, 11:41
vbrther651rhr jest nieaktywny vbrther651rhr
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vbrther651rhr Robi postępy, umie już utrzymać broń
Domyślnie Everything we need to know about coaching

Bill Gates: Everyone needs a coach (coach). We all need people to give us feedback so that we can improve our performance. One of the founders of large corporations in the world in his memoir about Kuching says: "When I was building my first company, I realized that the biggest limitation in the growth of my company was my personal growth as the founder and CEO. So I hired a coach. Over the course of the months, my ten strategies for strategic development programs, the life of corporate values, helped me through interpersonal situations, and I became much more determined and determined that its worth is unfeasible for me. "

Coaching is not a new discipline of science that has emerged suddenly and suddenly, couching should probably be as old as the first shooting contest in the Stone Age. However, in the last decade, it's really possible to see Kutching's concept of business and business outside of the physical environment.
Kuching has always been a natural part of everyone's life and everywhere, when millions of parents everywhere from around the world love their children unconditionally and fully meet their needs and provide comprehensive support for They have to grow, or when hundreds of thousands of successful and successful leaders know how to grow their employees, not by force and strength, but by believing them, challenging them, supporting them And giving positive and steady feedback actually use coaching. faracoach
Kuching is a colla borative process in which Kuchi goes along with the journey to meet the desires and goals (positive changes in life). " Cooking is co-creation, meaning Koch and Kochi are working together to create something worthwhile (Kuchi's conclusion).

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